Behind The Lens

From the moment I moved to the Calgary, AB, Canada, a short distance from the majestic and world-renowned Canadian Rocky Mountains, my inspiration came to LIFE. Originally from the Okanagan in British Columbia, these new landscapes whispered of new beginnings and a lasting passion that would only continue its growth. My creative ideas in the field of Photography and Videography arose in quick succession after merely stepping outside and breathing-in each morning’s crisp, fresh air. Admiring the scale of each mountain motivated me to hike more, peering across each glacier lake inspired me to buy a canoe and go swimming more frequently, while the genuine and like-minded individuals I have befriended have encouraged me to follow my passions involving both the Visual Arts and beyond.

Although I have travelled both far and wide thus far in my life, the Rockies are home and the place I have photographed the most. Especially more recently, what I have learned above all else, is that the moment behind each shot is what makes the photo obtain it’s stunning portrayal. It does not matter what gear you have. The majority of my photos have been taken with a cheaper camera and a kit lens, but that it is the moment and process of creating the photograph that fades the ordinary and emerges the extraordinary.

This gallery I have shared with you are special moments I have experienced around my Rocky Mountain escapades. My hope in creating this gallery is that you feel inspired to some degree to enjoy the outdoors, and/or test your own life’s limits in a way that fits with you. Enjoy, my friends, and happy exploring!

All the best,

Jackson DeMatos (Age 22)